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The ParentVue Portal is a means for parents/guardians of a Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) student to access education records of their student through a secured Internet site. All parents/guardians who wish to use the ParentVue Portal must comply with the terms and conditions in this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement, I understand the confidentiality of my user name and password is my responsibility. I further understand that WCPS will provide access to my child's academic information via ParentVue through a secured network connection that can only be accessed using my assigned user name and password. I also understand that Washington County Public Schools will not be responsible for access gained to my child's information due to sharing, misplaced, or non-secured user names and passwords. If at any time I would like to disable my ParentVue account, I can do so by calling my child's school office and requesting that the account be de-activated. By clicking the "I Accept" means that I agree to the above Use and Privacy Agreement.